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Best Overall

We will be judging best overall prizes based on creativity, completeness, and technical quality. Please make your devpost robust, as you will not be able to communicate with the judges during the judging process! We are using gavel as our judging platform.

Galileo API Challenge

Presented to the team that demonstrates the most innovative use of a smart debit card using the Galileo Instant API. Here are some examples to spark ideas:

  • a Discord bot that allows you to send money to friends
  • a bank account that feels like a game
  • a debit card that automatically makes a donation to offset the carbon emissions every time you buy gasoline
  • a voice assistant that helps you manage your budget and expenses

Sign up for Galileo Instant to get started and post in the #hackathon channel of our Discord server for assistance. Galileo Instant is only available within the US. You may still compete for the Galileo Innovation Award if you are not located in the US, but you will have to set up a VPN so your API requests come from a US IP address. Projects must use Galileo Instant in the sandbox environment to be eligible; projects that use the production environment won't be considered.

MLH Competitions

MLH is hosting a series of competitions related to their partners. More information about MLH judging and prizes is available at hack.mlh.io.

  • Best domain registered with domain.com
  • Best use of Google Cloud
  • Best hardware hack
  • Best use of DataStax Astra
  • Best beginner hacks
  • Best Jugaad (or Most Awesomely Useless Hack)
  • Most creative Radar hack

Full prize information on Devpost